Nautilus is an independent consultancy providing focused solutions to clients mainly in Mining, Quarries industries. delivering high quality, professional and innovative services. At Nautilus we pride ourselves in developing dynamic, flexible and cooperative partnerships with our clients to ensure their project is a success.
Our team offer a wide range of integrated skills to manage projects of any nature, scale or complexity. Our team includes geologists, geophysicists, geochemists, resource professionals, Chemists, Surveyors, project managers, data management, GIS professionals and Business Admin. we ensure our staff are empowered and suitably trained to adapt to any conditions. This flexibility allows them to swiftly respond to any challenges, reducing expenditure and optimizing our clients' capacity.
For mining industry, we offer services from the early exploration stage through deposit discovery, development, full scale operations to mine closure.
For Quarries industry, we offer services from Quarry selection, permitting, Analysis, Material Development, Full scale production and marketing.
Nautilus has global alliances with many different independent industry professionals which enabling us to fulfil client requests and expectations on every engagement.
To maximize the value for our clients through innovation, excellence and collaboration.
To use the last updated technologies and methodologies to meets our client needs and benefit our business.
To Provide high quality, trusted and professional consulting services that adds value to our clients.

Passion – Nautilus team to be passionate all the time to deliver high standard solutions to our clients.
Care – We care for the project we work within, care for the safety and environment and care for our staff.
Professionalism – working to the highest standards at all time.
Team Work – Work together to achieve the high standard outcome for our clients.
Communication – Communicate to each other all the time to deliver the exact output for client’s needs.