Exploration Services

We are proud to have direct experience and world class expertise in running all aspects of exploration from green fields projects in remote locations to advanced brown field projects on established mine sites. This include data compilations & reviews, target generation, program design and planning, budgeting, drill supervision, logistics, project management and implementation The staff is capable of delivering the highest level of technical expertise, no matter what commodity or skill you require. We assist clients worldwide.

Our Geologists have strong experience dealing with different geological aspects of ore body formation, exploration strategy, prospect development, geochemistry, geophysics, remote sensing, GIS, field mapping, sampling and structural analysis. we ensuring that all exploration work is undertaken and completed in compliance with international reporting codes such as JORC, NI 43-101 and PERC.

Nautilus Exploration team uses a number of key platforms and software's to ensure data is easily accessible.

These platforms include Leapfrog, MicroMine, Vulcan, Datamine, Surpac, Global Mapper, MapInfo and QGIS, as well as other software systems.

The exploration services we provide include:


One of the most critical ingredients in the success of any exploration and mining project. Many different types of mapping carried out by Nautilus team such as lithological mapping which can identify different rock types and tie these to economically prospective areas, Regolith mapping which is very useful to compile geochemical data into perspective, also alteration and structural mapping which are critical factors to identify different important types of deposits and led to understand the deposition concept. Nautilus team deliver high quality geological maps which can be used in prospective models and this will help in generate drill targets and build a 3D resource model. Nautilus Geology team always use all the modern tools and mapping techniques to be able to deliver maps in any layered GIS digital format or as printed hard copies.


Another critical step during any exploration project; Sampling program must be carefully designed to minimize the biased, unrepresentative and contaminated samples for any type of samples during the project life (grab, trenches, RC, Soil and DD). Align with the QAQC procedure for any sampling program should increase the effectiveness of sampling program and also will increase the Geological level of confidence which led to an accurate resource estimates. Or exploration geologists are very experienced in designing, managing and auditing any samples collection program from the early stage of exploration till the mine closure through different types of sampling collecting (Drill Samples, Face Samples, Plant Samples, XRF Samples, Outcrop Samples, trenching samples and soil samples).


Our main goal to generate targets is to understand the orebody formation mechanism and its relationships with the regional tectonic events. Nautilus Geology team has a strong background to generate targets whether the project has no any historical exploration activities by compiling remote sensing, large scale geophysical data and large scale geological maps or with project with few geological data so they can build up on it and generate ranking targets align with available budget of the client.


It is all about understanding the logistical conditions to can capture your needs and always make a balance between available budget, available times and planned outcomes. Nautilus planning team has a good experience in designing, costing and supporting the exploration program through preparing staff accommodations, transportation, communication, medical care, organize logistical needs and security. We also relies on keeping in touch with clients by ensuring validate all data, QAQC, sampling, drilling and safety reporting and also track the budget in a weekly basis to make sure that as a client you are always up to date


We are specialized in remote sensing data collecting, interpretation and producing a final product target for initial exploration stage. Our experts are very familiar dealing with different data sets, scanning and digitizing different types of map data, tabular and text data input, compilation and refining many different data sources into a single data product, and processing of data using GIS techniques and geological software.


In Nautilus, we understand the importance of the Geochemical studies to identify the potential targets of mineralization by choosing the appropriate geochemical sampling method such as soil and stream sediment sampling also by using different analysis devices such as (ICP-MS), (XRF) or (AAS). Our experts are familiar with analyzing the Geochem results producing univariant and multivariant statistics which led to identify signatures, targets and extension of known mineralization.


As a major principal in Nautilus to relies with the modern technology, Nautilus Geophysists and Geophysics partners are very aware of the Geophysics techniques in the mining industry. Our experts are familiar compile and interpretation of different types of Geophysics data such as aeromagnetic and gravity to produce a 3D model of the deposit.


It is always about “Structure Control”, we believe in Nautilus that most of deposits all over the world are “Structurally Controlled”, so it is a very important integration in the initial Exploration phase to understand the factors controlling the mineralization in which the most important one is “Structure”. Our professionals are aware of the importance the study of structure (small scale and large scale) which led to understand the Geometry of the ore body.


One of the most recent services that provided by Nautilus is the “Petrography” of samples. This service include Lithological, Alteration and Ore Minerals identification, Paragenetic and textural relationships, Transmitted and reflected light petrography, scanning electron microscopy and electron microscope analysis, Fluid inclusions Studies. Our professionals in Nautilus are able to produce a comprehensive petrography report which can be used in JORC, NI 43-101 and PERC reports.


At Nautilus, we are running all types of drilling programs. Our team which includes Senior Geologists, and geo-technicians can take care of all aspects of the program and also they are able to manage the drilling contractors, all core and/or chips get logged in the timely manner, sampled and modelled to perfection. Nautilus’s Standard Operating Procedures of the drilling management are based on international best practice.


Nautilus Professionals are aware of auditing and evaluation any type of project at any stage where Nautilus is provide Competent Persons and Qualified persons in terms of the National Instrument (NI) 43-101 and JORC Code guidelines which understanding the international technical disclosure requirements so they can produce high standard reports for both internal and external distribution.


In Nautilus, our experts are familiars of submitting the applications for new tenements as we are understand the process, dealing with different mining and quarries authorities and can offer important advices.


Nautilus experts are flexible with Client’s needs and aware of the core business which is the delivery of contract field exploration services through all critical stages. we believe the team work importance so we provide highly experienced Geologists, Engineers, Geochemists and other specialists based on the client’s needs and all these experts can work independently or along side with client’s staff and also we provide all needs such as project management and organizing logistics, safety and security, camp construction, local staffing and training, and administration.


Nautilus experts are producing reports which will provide important detail that can be used to help develop future forecasts, marketing plans, guide budget planning and improve decision-making.