Mining Services


Mining Project Auditing & Evaluation

Our experienced global consultants provide a high standard studies for the mining project starting with Scope, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, economical evaluations and risk assessment. Our values are coming from our knowledge and experiences which let us able to put in place the right judgements to the investors so they can make investment decisions.
This section includes the following services:
  • Mining Studies
  • Assurance
  • Economics & Finance
  • Risk assessment

Mining Geology

Our Mining Geology Team provide services which add values to the project through collect and validate the geological data and interpret it, QAQC of samples analysis to achieve the optimal quality and also maximizing the value of the ore body by minimize the dilution and ore loss control.
This section includes the following services:
  • Grade Control Drilling
  • Production Sampling
  • Production Mapping
  • Productivity improvement
  • QAQC
  • Reconciliation Analysis
  • Optimizing Drill Spacing
  • Grade Control Modelling
  • Mine Life extension program

Mining Engineering

Our Mining Engineers are one of the most important asset to the company where they are able to provide multiple services and also are able to analyze risk and increase the productivity which led to increase the profitability.
This section includes the following services:
  • Open Pit Mine Design
  • Underground Mine Design
  • Mining Operations

Mining Geotechnics

Our Geotechnical team has a strong experience in designing underground supports, open pit slopes and also design the ground support.
This section includes the following services:
  • Geotechnical investigation
  • Geotechnical Modelling
  • Geotechnical Advices